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In 2012, I took a 6 month career break to travel to New Zealand, Africa and Madagascar.  This is a record of some of my adventures, big and small......

Home Sweet Home

By coales, Jul 19 2012 01:43PM

So, here I am, in the South African Bush - my home for the next month. The private reserve where I'm staying isn't far from Kruger National Park, and we more or less have the place to ourselves. A group of farmers own the area and there are several volunteers who monitor the local pride of lions, but other than that we haven't seen another sole - it really does feel very remote.

This is my tent, and it's pretty comfy. No holes or torn material, which hopefully means no unwanted critters inside! I have a resident African Striped Skink who I hear dashing across the canvas overhead or sometimes glimpse silhouetted against the sun outside. It's nice to have a neighbour!

Inside the tent is a mattress and mosquito net - fortunately we're at the end of summer and the wet season, which means there aren't many mosquitoes around, but that doesn’t stop me applying repellent just incase!

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