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In 2012, I took a 6 month career break to travel to New Zealand, Africa and Madagascar.  This is a record of some of my adventures, big and small......

The 'facilities'

By coales, Jul 20 2012 01:00PM

Hot water, flushing toilets, we're certainly not roughing it out here! The only problem with the toilet/shower block is that it's situated down a winding path about 100m from my tent. Not a problem during the day, but during the night who knows what might be lurking in the bushes on either side!

For the first few nights in camp I dreaded the thought of having to use the toilet in the middle of the night. I would wake up in the wee small hours and sleepily peer out of my tent. Pitch darkness would greet me; the lanterns having either been blown out or run low on oil. Then, with my heart in my mouth, I would begin the perilous route to the toilets. Swinging my torch wildly in very direction I would wince at the slightest sound of moving leaves or breaking branches. I would long to run, but desperately resisted knowing 'only dinner runs in the bush'. So instead, I would painstakingly walk along the path, giddily relieved when I made it to the toilets in one piece.

I mentioned my nightly terror to others in the camp and most of them sympathised with me. Except for Ally, who proudly admitted that she just peeed outside her tent! A far safer and quicker venture. Upon consideration and following another night of heart-stopping toilet exploration, I followed Ally's advice and felt much the better for it!

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